03 Pluralisme

Part III. Pluralism:
Contemporary mixed-use- agglomeration, pedestrian scale   



Day 1:

Carlos Ferrater, Siza, SOM, Gehry, Miralles Tagliabue


Day 2:

11h00 Ramble de Poblenou, 22@ high-tech mixed use, Biblioteca de Poblenou (interview seniors), Pedestrian axis from Parque de Gandhi through Ferrater and Bach y Mora blocks to supermarket patio, Mid-rise International Business Center on Pujades. (differentiate the grid)

2b  afternoon 

Parc de Diagonal Mar  (neighborhood+arch)  Towers

Miralles, Ferrater, Paricio Clotet, Tusquets,  Mateo

Palo Alto + Selva de Mar neighborhood residential mixed-use, Waterfront as civic space  (industrial re-use, artista colony)


Day 3:

4a  morning

Agglomeration: high tech mixed-use, 22@ Poblenou (neighborhood)

McDonough, Moneo, Bofill, Ferrater

++ lunch++    Trespaso

4b  afternoon 

Forum 2004 large event space, development edge for adjacent residential, + social, sanitary, energy, and recycling infrastructure

 H+dM, Foreign Office Architect, Elias Torres, Abalos+Herreros, Clotet Paricio, MAPS


Day 4:

Igualada (the New Materiality of Modernism)

Miralles Pinós



Time-based scenario diagrams (Novato Senior Housing Competition, Speranza Architecture)


Foot-Hills, Market Value International Competition, Charlottesville, VA, Speranza Architecture

Part III. Pluralism:
Contemporary mixed-use- agglomeration, pedestrian scale 


22@ block, individual investigation, urban sketch

22@ Avenida del Diagonal- towers, Torre Agbar, Mediapro, commercial boulevard and catalan identity Jan 1º (commercial weave)  Parc de Poblenou, Can Ricard, Sky Hotel + surrounding neighborhood (public amenity and housing mix)

Nouvel, Chipperfield, Ferrater


Day 2:


Day 4:

 Stan Allen Architects

Day 1:

 James Corner, Field Operations


22@ Workshop (TBD)

Final presenation/urban intervention work time + presentation

**dinner and final presenation**    Oli 4,  19h00 

with invited guests