Rhino Notes 3

Topic_01: Unit Module

1. Rename one of the default layers to “Organization Grid” (double click to make current)

2. Create A primitive geometry (i.e. the unit module) by typing in Rectangle or Polygon (only 3 or 6 sides will work for the tessellation); specify start point or center at (0,0)>specify next corner (10,10) or radius.

3. Create a new layer>label it Inner_01 (Optional: create another layer, rename Inner_02, etc); Double-click to make current, change color by clicking on swatch (Anything but YELLOW)

4. Create new shape(s) in layer “Inner_01” (Circle, Rectangle, Polygon), and Move it to a specific point (i.e. a corner, or center, etc) within the Unit Module.

5. Copy unit module and geometry within>specify base point to reference from> Snap to a common corner (Make sure OSNAP! is on, and ensure proper constraints are set). Similarly you can also Mirror along an axis, or Rotate a specific angle (based on unit geometry, i.e. hexagon=60 degrees; triangle=30 degrees)

6. DOCUMENT YOUR STEPS!!! Controlling your moves is crucial for a pattern to develop

7. Scale, selecting objects (Toggle Layers ON/OFF)>specify base point>specify scale factor (i.e 0.5 shrinks it in half) or specifying a reference length.

Topic_02: Scalar Deformation

1. Set layer “Inner_01” to current; draw a Polyline within Unit Module>specify general shape

2. Turn off “Organization Grid” Layer.

3. Select polyline then Explode

4. Select curves (hold shift to select multiple objects) Type Rebuild, a dialog box appears

3. Change “Point Count” to 3 and “Degree” to 2, ensure “Delete Input” is checked; leave “Create object on current layer” unchecked, Hit OK

4. Select the curves then select Points On icon on left toolbar; or type “Points On” in command line

5. Select inner points, NOT the endpoints of the curve (shift to add, control to remove)

6. Type Scale or Move and specify a consistent point and scale factor (i.e. 0.8)

7. Copy and repeat (gradually scaling down or up; i.e. gradient change)

Topic 03: Illustrator

1. File>Export Selected>select geometry Rhino file as Illustrator (*.ai) file

2. Open Illustrator>File>Open

3. Select by layer or _Select _same fill and stroke

4. Change the fill and stroke per layer