Media for Design Development

Media for Design Development (ARCH 423/523, 3 credits)

Urban Design GIS Computation, 2015

This is a design and project-based method course to teach students methods to measure urban characteristics. Methods are applied to short exercises, a significant design problem based project and final group activity. The courses consists of these parts:

  • Fundamental Urban Design Diagramming: to analyze urban form across the scales of cities, districts, neighborhoods and urban rooms. Short sixty-second timed diagrams are produced on site of base plaza information, ordering system, human occupation in plan and perspective, shading, materials, symbols and recording of non-visual qualities as written words. In-situ diagramming will coordination with data collection methods from the associated urban research course.
  • Mapping Exercises: to compose plan, material, time and existing environmental forces (digital and analog). Urban phenomena mapping exercises are done in Barcelona and Granada.
  • Geographic Information Systems: Instructor developed methods using architectural scaled software Rhino Grasshopper to develop geospatial information systems workflows to analyze various types of dataset: existing, new from virtual source and new from in-situ data gathering course. The use of plugins such as Elk and Human will be taught to integrate CSV and Open Street Map file formats to analyze existing and newly acquired datasets. Visualization techniques will be taught using in-program and post-processing methods in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Urban Analysis and Design Project: Students will learn to define an urban problem of social interaction, define a project purpose, diagram relationships, create comparative information graphics, collection, formulate and analyze data, and propose urban design interventions using parametric design.

We will use Rhino Grasshopper, associated plugins and custom scripts as design platforms for the design projects integrated with the urban design course.  Emphasis will be placed on design process and methods for data analysis. Coursework will include in-class lectures, demonstrations and workshops; out-of-class assignments; and instructor support for the projects for the urban analysis and design tools.