08 Project 01 – Revised Drawing – Maragos

Post Final Axon


  1.  I intend to revise our aerial view in order to re-construct a clearer picture of our design strategies at work. This will require some experimentation in order to provide a scope of the spectrum of interventions we proposed in our final project.
  2. In order to compose our data visualizations and the temporal transitions of design strategies into one drawing, I will also be toying with the practice of composing one image that can depict the changes proposed over a span of several years.  This will include both the simple and complex proposals of our research while showing how one or both can operate within a given span of time.
  3. My final proposal for revision of this image includes showcasing information at a variety of scales. This will require callouts in order to show details in the composition, as well as reference to the larger picture or surrounding site.

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