Revised Drawing 01

Revison 01-01.pngImage 01Revison 02-01

Image 02Revison 03-01

Image 03Clean Air22

Original Image





Above is the drawing that I will  revise.

01_Image Plant Diagram.

01. The information within the image in regards to the design intent becomes lost do hierarchy of line work, color and image size.

Method- Explore means in order to represent a hierarchy of data.

02. Line work within the drawing becomes chaotic and inconsistent.

Method- Fix line work, line weight.

03. Break down ” Urban Ecology ” represent  scientific aspects, how plant is functioning. Use Guallart, Manuel Lima as references.

Method-Expand the diagram with more content of ecological functions within the design.

04. Change Botanical photos to vector icons in order to have a cohesive language.




One response to “Revised Drawing 01

  1. Vectors. Drawing language. Integrate information. Line weights and line types. Monotone!

    Information. Dataset. Parameters on the vectors. Curvature. Taper. Anchors. Etc. Grey scale only as last resort.


    Study the guallart drawings. Carefully.


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