08 P1 Revised Drawing_Chaz


View4_v 5-01

EDIT 8/1

Clean Air17Tones: I would like to find a balance of visibility between the line work of the city context and the represented Superilla.

Floating Data: The information currently in the margins were placed to help as a transition from findings to module application. PM 2.5 is the best represented of our three main indicators. I would like to find a better way to represent all through diagrams. Or maybe find out the drawing doesn’t need all that information.

Scaling: I want to rescale items on the image to see if the proportions need to be changed based on drawing hierarchy.





One response to “08 P1 Revised Drawing_Chaz

  1. Attack. Keep the experimental thoughts.

    What’s the big idea? Hierarchy. Still love the detail. Just think of scales of communication. And content. What’s important?

    Or go for the next level of design with the planters. Take a risk.


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