Drawing Revision AA

Inclusive Streets (26)

The above image is the image I would like to keep working on for the rest of the term. I chose this image because as it had started to do, it has the potential to encapsulate the identity of the project from analysis to design synthesis. I would like to improve the image by

  1. Improve the amount of analysis data and technical drawing present in the image. Such as the circle diagram.
  2. Include cyclical occupation of space diagrams, with iterations of possibilities.
  3. Introduce new diagrams that tie into the indicators and qualities, as manifested in design. Such as pointing out the areas that we improved the qualities.
  4. Engage the people in the rendering more by using them to articulate words that reflect the purpose of analysis and design. (Cloud Text)

One response to “Drawing Revision AA

  1. Connect the dot drawing to the image. Colors for the people? Photocopy filter in Photoshop?

    Highlight the terraces in plan. Bold vector line?

    Push visual meaning. Abstract. Surreal. Hypereal.

    Look for examples. Get moody!!!!! Look at Interboro too


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