Assignment 8.1: Josh Revision

Inclusive Streets (27)

Objectives for Revision:

  1. Better Differentiation of Data:
    • Some pieces of data are hard to tell apart due to lack of color variation.
    • Differentiate colors to a greater degree in orange areas.
  2. Effects:
    • Current effects are lacking in the drawing or not as visible as hoped.
    • Explore more visible effect options to make data pop and possibly thicken line-weights.
  3. Better representation of buildings:
    • The buildings in the drawing are currently not very inspiring.
    • Add more effects to the buildings to make them look like buildings but still highlight the data.
  4. Street Design:
    • The street design aerial is currently underrepresented and fades into the background.
    • Make the street design pop more (slightly more realistic with people fitting with indicators) but still complement the data.  Represent every street as well.
  5. Better Data Callouts:
    • Subsequent data (circle diagram and callouts) currently on display is lacking.
    • Add more data that is beneficial to the street design and make better callouts of each indicator in both data and representation.

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