Some of you may be interested in a Google Sheets workflow with your partner for data acquisition.

  1. Here is the link to download GH Leafcutter and the tutorial below.
  2. I have done the tutorial and uploaded files to 03_TUTORIALS\01_CLASS LESSONS\07.1_LEAFCUTTER

Leafcutter is an open source project to connect Grasshopper to Google Sheets, with proper OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

Leafcutter exposes the following components:

  • Google Authenticator. Creates a session token for connecting to your Google account.
  • Spreadsheet List.  Fetches a list of spreadsheets in your account.
  • Read From Spreadsheet.  Read specified cells from the specified sheet and worksheet.
  • Write To Spreadsheet.  Write to specified cells and worksheet.
  • Create Spreadsheet.  Self-explanatory.
  • Find Cell Address.  Query the spreadsheet for an existing value and return the cell address.

This project is open source and released under the MIT License.  Visit the Github repo here:

This is a first release and has been tested by a limited number of users.  It may contain bugs. Please use it “as is”, it does not come with warranties. We welcome any and all feedback and development support should you be interested.

To install:

  • Close Rhino if it is open.
  • Double-click the LeafcutterInstall.exe file.
  • Click your way to Leafcutter happiness.


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