Assignment 05D: Arduino 15-21

Please checkout material and return them to the box outside 4 4. We dont have enough to each group so please share.  1-2 persons per group doing this would be fine. We will do some initial Arduino Python after this but you should plan to find a sensor project online specific to your project (air, water, soil sensors).

Arduino Lesson 15: This is a Super Cool project that turns the RGB LED to whatever color that is put in front of a color sensor. It works for an amazing array of color cards.

Arduino Lesson 16: Control the position of a servo from a potentiometer using the Arduino.

Arduino Lesson 17: Measure the Speed of Sound with an Arduino and ultrasonic sensor.

Arduino Lesson 18: Ultrasonic Sensor is used with Arduino to create a distance measuring tool. The measured distance is conveyed to the user by a servo pointing an arrow at a scale.

Arduino Lesson 19: Step-by-step tutorial on connecting and using an LCD display with the arduino.

Arduino Lesson 20: Tutorial on creating a Distance Measurement device based on the Arduino, an LCD, and an ultrasonic sensor.

Arduino Lesson 21: Logging Pressure and Sensor Data onto SD card. This shows you how to easily save your arduino data to an SD card.



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