My best explanation of material affect is in the article of Bottom Up Urban Design for the ACSA conference 2012 in the white books…Ned Kahn, 50 / 50.

Consider the Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel as the Time Square of Barcelona.  Once a year at New Years the building becomes a focal point for the citizens of Barcelona to celebrate.  Also watch for animated lighting displays from 9pm to midnight on weekends.

The AFFECT of light and sound support the experience of local cultural ritual (Barca blue and red, New Year’s celebration, fallas de Valencia (fires), and water source.




These are very similar to the Mercat del Borne


Parque de Poblenou, You can get to this walking up the Rambla de Poblenou and turning right.  We will visit it together as well.  The material affect is the colors and textures of the vegetation.  Again i would argue that it is not about form.


Louvre, Abu Dhabi


Lighting Affect

Jean Nouvel Louvre Museum Abi Dhabi (1)

Neutral Surfaces to catch the light and shadows


Variations in lighting affect, performance related to variation in art illumination.


Roof as instrument for calibrating these lighting affects, not an object.


Simple geometry.  Its is not about the larger form (like Torre Agbar)

louvre aire

Circle. Orthogonal forms before to differentiation between instrument and canvas to absorb the affect.


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