Craig Speck_Assignment 1C_Writing

[1]  The theoretical framework evolved from Salvador Rueda focuses on the social interaction between, and from within, the Superilles in Barcelona, Spain. The Social Interaction and Cohesion tool was constructed to help measure social interaction and cohesion in urban settings in hopes to better understand urban environments and the people in them. The tool consists of primary and secondary urban qualities. There are three primary categories: Uses, Demographics, and Infrastructure. These are broken into secondary categories with Space, Housing, Services, and Jobs falling under Uses; Age, Income, and Cultural Background falling under Demographics; and Transit, Information Technology, and Basic Needs falling under Infrastructure.

[2]  The goal of this tool is to carefully translate qualitative data to an easily measurable quantitative data. This can allow for deeper insight into a particular space. Important questions can also formulate when looking at this data. For example, space has the qualities Other Vegetation and Vegetation Health. Unfortunately, the vegetation’s health is poor. Why is this? Perhaps there is inadequate light, water, and nutrients. If this is true, what can be done to fix this? These simple questions provide designers and other decision makers ammunition to begin healthy change.

[3]  The reason why a space is successful depends on its inhabitants. Comparing spaces between Gracia and a Superilla has shown particular qualities to be more important over others. For example, even though tree spaces in both locations are shared, Gracia had less in number, yet still was popular amongst its inhabitants.

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