Assignment 05A: GRX – Urban Qualities



Granada – Urban Qualities to Indicator Data Acquisition Inquiry


Spiritual Livable Space

– One photo that best expresses each quality (to Google Drive Space + Post) Name the quality in the file_Material. (Zoom as much as possible).



THESIS TITLE (two words)

PRIMARY Categories

Secondary Categories


Test Indicators


5.3.   City Scale Diagram, Granada with neighborhoods and urban rooms

5.4.  Neighborhood Scale Diagrams (3):  Bajo Albaicin, Alta Albaicin, 20th / 21st C

– Communicate the perception of your urban experience and highlight the four spaces we passed through.

5.5.   Plaza / Placeta Scale Diagrams

5.5.1.   My Maps export as KML to CSV

5.5.2.   Digitize your data inputting values by hand to CSV

5.5.3.  Redraw by hand your Placetas developing a visual language for your data values (ex. Circle diameter , line thickness, line length, etc.) Include a legend.

5.5.4.  Data 1:  Map indicator, placeta, coding   abstract diagram for each indicator and space.

  • Digitize (photograph and Photoshop) your diagrams drawn in Granada…upload separately. Add swatches of material photos.
  • Grasshopper OSM CSV digital drawing of hand drawings. +Add a small abstract diagram of the outline and emergent pattern ++Begin an icon per quality. +++TRY A DIFFERENT VISUAL LANGUAGE PER QUALITY/INDICATOR (see post Berkeley, MIT, GSD)
  • Add data-gathering notes for each placeta: a) limits / challenges, b) observations and c) speculative findings / assertions.

5.5.5.  Data 2 (ibid)

5.5.6.  Data 3 (ibid)

5.5.7.  Data 4 (ibid)

Above: add more detail, line vectors instead of fills, does not have to be circles

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