Very good work already on the blog. The criticism is meant to streamline that which will follow. I like the directions! Start to speak with each other about possible collaborations and a possible collaborative project definition. Use the idea from the readings for guidance.

Don’t over design yet:

– consider qualities /  inidcators to measure. ANALYSIS first

– observe qualities and materials

– how do we measure these qualities ? What rating method? Is there a phenomena to measure and sensor?

1) More external contribution

Jesus Arcos will talk about the work of Akdayjover next Thursday. We will also have Deni Ruggeri join us soon there after. He previously taught at the UO Department of Landscape Architecture and now teaches and is the department head at NNTU in Oslo. Stephen Maher of NBBJ will join later about analysis to geometry week 7 but he will fold in remotely during the program. Others will join us at reviews. Continue to sketch in your notebooks, design, analyze, list urban furniture and materials. This will complement the site visits and other work we are doing.

2)  Mapping

Sam and previously Ryan do a great job. We should make the very best use of this assistance.  The grasshopper file on the Google Drive is the first map.  It is more import that you focus and work hard on the method and visual communication of it as an urban analysis tool, rather than be overly concerned with the criteria you first chose.  You may continue to adjust your urban characteristic indicators in Granada.  Also consider if there are any apps that might record some environmental condition such a sound, light, wind, topographic level, etc that may help your project.  **The very questioning of the urban design characteristics, fine tuning it, asking how to consistently record it, is it applicable, etc, is providing you an expertise of the external conditions that affect your project.  Your data collection is primary.  This is not easy but very valuable.  The questions are wonderful.

3)  Granada (click here and see our Granada Neighborhood page to learn a bit before we leave)

Bring your passport!  Sunday you will leave at 5:15am from Pujades 172.  You will only have ONE carry-on item up to 10 kilos.  It will be hot there- pack lightly.  The flight is less than an hour.  We are only there 4 days, 3 nights.  The hotel has towels, soap and shampoo dispensers.  It has AC. Bring a sketch book, white book, pen, smartphones with apps already downloaded and tested. The hotel last had 110 and 220 plugin in each room for other devices.  Perhaps one person from each group can bring a laptop.  More details to follow.  (We will probably plan an exchange day off following Granada, either next week or the following week). *MEET IN FRONT OF PUJADES 172 ON SUNDAY MORNING FOR AN PROMPT 5:00AM DEPARTURE. I will take a taxi from my girlfriend’s house to meet you at the airport at 5:30+ AM. I have boarding passes. We are checked in already.

4) Cleaning

The apartments will be cleaned when we are away. Please put things away in both the common space and bedrooms. Please do some light cleaning if necessary.  *Please remove your sheets before leaving and pile them with dirty towels and other linens on the floor at the corner of the beds for collection and replacement.

Thank you.  See you all Sunday at the airport.

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