Assignment 02.2 Arduino Lesson 6-8 and 12-14

Please do lessons 6-8 and 12-14. One group may take the one potentiometer if they wish to try 9-11. Post to this category please [02.2 Arduino 6-8 + 12-14. *At dinner tonight please pickup what you need (4 pin RGB LED, etc). Thank you.

Arduino Lesson 6: This lesson will show you how to get user input from the Serial Monitor. This will take your programming to the next level!

Arduino Lesson 7: This lesson will show you how to implement while loops.

Arduino Lesson 8: This lesson will show you how to write arbitrary voltages between 0 and 5 volts to the arduino pins.

Arduino Lesson 9: Introduction to Ohm’s Law, and using a potentiometer.

Arduino Lesson 10: Reading Analog Voltages with the Arduino

Arduino Lesson 11: Creating a dimmable LED with Arduino

Arduino Lesson 12: Simple and Easy way to read Strings, Floats, and Ints over the Arduino serial port.

Arduino Lesson 13: Control an RGB LED with an Arduino

Arduino Lesson 14: If Statements and Conditionals in the Arduino. In this lesson we learn how to have the user input his color preference, and then turn the RGB led to any color requested by the user.

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