I thought I would provide some info.  This is the office we will see in Olot and Ripoll (2 hours in the Pyrenes Mountains). The landscape and culture will be as interesting as the work!  We have already seen the library in Barcelona.  We will leave Thursday at 8am- i will send invites to the calender events for this week. Please forgive variations.

We also plan an office visit to a friend’s collaborating office Alday Jover in Barcelona for the Sagrera Project.



04 RCR_Biblioteca_03

They trace some lineage from Miralles Pinos’s attention to materiality.  The work focuses on material affect using powerful sensory experience of light and material quality.

There is a free sample from El Croquis here.

They seem to be running a summer workshop here.

Parque de Piedra Tosca is a well known project.

We can try for an office visit and to see some projects


Hotel in Olot


Moody rendering and watercolor section studies

study of ‘affect’ and final constructed experience.

plan studies at district, neighborhood and urban room scales.

built experience.  The renderings are methods that communicate and study as a tool the desired built experience seen below.


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